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Gone are the good old days when you were supposed to shave or wax your hair every week, now it is high time you free yourself with the hassles of hair removing pain that is so gut wrenching. With the aid of Skin Plus Laser Hair Removal (LHR), you can bid adieu to your unwanted hair and say hello to irresistibly smooth skin. With our leading machinery in the industry, your comfort throughout the treatment is ensured along with unbelievable results. Laser hair removal in Delhi just got easier with Skin Plus. To know the full body laser hair removal cost in Delhi with Skin Plus book your appointment today. Our expert dermatologists will assist you better with laser hair removal cost in Delhi.

Your desired result is our soul motto.

Get the best permanent hair reduction treatment in Delhi with laser treatment in GK1, Gurugaon and Haus Khas. We promise the best laser hair removal in Delhi under the supervision of Best skin specialist in Delhi NCR. Skin plus offers to you the best treatment for your arms, legs, facial hair removal, under arm hair removal, hair removal for women and men, bikini line hair removal and full body hair removal. For all those visiting India for Laser hair removal then Skin Plus resorts all your worries as it is the best you can ever get in India.

What happens in Laser Hair Treatment?

laser hair reduction in delhi

We are dedicated to present you with best laser hair removal for men and women. You will feel the difference in your skin as it will get toned better without the worry of hair removing. Getting rid of hair every week through razors or waxing can be quiet a task and you can easily get rid of this task by going through laser treatment once. It is a technique that removes hair causing cell without affecting the neighboring cells. Laser hair removal in Delhi costs very reasonable and is harmless without any side effects.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Laser hair reduction in delhi

Our primary aim is your health, results and safety. We have bespoke state-of-the-art machinery that is profoundly the best in the world. Laser hair removal price in Delhi varies depending on your hair growth and your skin. If you feel that laser treatment hurts then you are mistaken. It does not hurt at all, in fact compared to the pain of waxing, some patients consider it painless.

What is the cost of this Treatment?

Cost of laser hair removal in Delhi is extremely reasonable. The treatment is FDA approved and gives 95 percent results .Laser hair reduction Treatment in Delhi is precisely conducted with doctors having 25 years expertise in skin care and cosmetic surgery that will give you skin so soothing that you would love flaunting your flamboyant looks.

Laser Treatment for men 

laser hair removal for men in delhi

It is renowned myth that only women can face embarrassment due to unwanted hair, the fact is men can face the same as well. Research has shown that women find hair on men’s chest or back to be a big turn off. With hair removing getting extremely popular with men, laser hair removal would be the most apt option for men to flaunt their hair free body.

Here is how laser hair treatment actually works

laser hair removal in delhi

The melanin present in the hair follicle selectively absorbs the laser energy and then converts that energy into heat. The heat then diffuses the stem cells due to which the hair growth becomes lighter and there after stops. Between each laser treatment there must be a gap of 4-6 weeks. The reason behind this is that the laser hair reduction is effective on the hair follicles that are growing actively. The time between the treatments helps the other follicles to grow back again so that they are also treated.

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To epitomize it all, it would be safe to say that opting for Laser Hair Treatment would probably be the best decision that you take for yourself. It is convenient and the results are assured to be alluring!

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