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You can say goodbye to the harmful effects of hyper pigmentation, rosacea and Sun damage and much more with the all-new Intense Pulsed Light Photo facial or Photo facial treatment procedure. Now, gentle skin rejuvenation has become easier than ever. IPL Photo rejuvenation can be said as the latest dermatology technique, which allows patients to transform blotchy red skin into a perfect radiance complexion. If you suffer from the aforementioned photo facial treatment, then dermatological approach is the best option for you.

What Photo facial is?

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 Photo facial treatment can be said as a 30 minute procedure where intense pulses of strong light are used for penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin. Then, IPL Photo rejuvenation constricts the blood vessels and collagen located below the epidermis. It helps in reducing the face lines and redness. This procedure ensures minimal discomfort, and the swelling and redness that appear during the treatment procedure, shortly disappear.  You cannot witness the benefits all of a sudden, you have to wait and slowly the benefits will start appearing to you with the passing weeks. Photo facial RF™ is also preferred by patients for greater cosmetic enhancement.  This is the procedure that generally combines light waves with radio waves in order to achieve outstanding results.

Individuals who have discolored, Sun damaged or blotchy skin and those affected by freckles, large pores or wrinkles can directly benefit from the IPLTM Photo facial. This is an outstanding treatment process, which involves no downtime and also makes it convenient for individuals having hectic schedules. Patients should discuss with the dermatologists before undergoing any such treatment. If you are wondering about Photo facial cost in Delhi, then there is nothing to worry about because the sessions are affordable and the overall process type depends on a number of variables.

Do you think that you are an ideal candidate for IPLTM Photo facial?

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 Individuals who have untanned or white skin, with even a little bit of elasticity are the eligible candidates for IPLTM Photo facial. It is essential that patients have a logical understanding about the entire process before starting with it. IPLTM Photo facial can actually help in improving the texture of the skin, reducing the pore sizes, eliminating discoloration as well as minimizing fine lines and angles – when performed on the right individual.  If you are suffering from rosacea, which is a terrible skin condition and includes blotchy and redness in the face, PLTM Photo facial can prove to be the right choice for you.  For serious complications like severe acne scars, heavy facial lines etc. patients like to consider aggressive treatments like brow left and face lift.

 Again, Photo Facial Treatments in Delhi is not as much costly as the laser treatment or cosmetic surgery. The total cost of the treatment actually depends on the exact issues that are involved as well as the number of treatment sessions required for complete the process. There are various packages for Photo facial treatment cost in Delhi and so you can get in touch with Skin Plus to know which package is right for you.

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