Main Causes of Hair Loss in Female

Hair fall has become a very common phenomenon nowadays with almost every other person suffering from this problem. Generally, a fall of 50-100 strands per day is considered normal but if the hair fall limit exceeds this range, then the male or female is said to be suffering from alopecia or hair fall syndrome. Along with normal hair loss, patchy hair losses are also very common. In fact, the women are nowadays very much prone to hair damage and consequent hair fall due to various reasons. However, with the Hair Treatment Clinics in Delhi, hair issues can be handled to a great extent today.

Hair Treatment Clinics in Delhi

Why hair fall occurs in females?

The exact reason for hair fall is still quite unknown by specialists. Every single individual is plagued by hair fall in some stage of life or the other due to different kinds of reasons nowadays. However, some of the main reasons that usually lead to hair fall problems are:

  • Hormonal Disorders: The metabolism and normal functioning of the whole human body are determined by hormones that are secreted inside the human body. In females these hormones play a major role in controlling the periodic menstrual cycles, pregnancy, menopause and other issues. Whenever there is an imbalance in hormone secretion, generally after childbirth or during pregnancy, the females generally become victims of too much of hair loss.
  • Genetic factors: Sometimes the problem of hair fall is completely hereditary and there is no other hand, for stopping them as individuals succumb to this problem through the various generations.
  • Lifestyle and Dietary disorders: Today, the lifestyle has undergone detrimental changes, especially over the past few decades that have also affected the food habits as well. The unhealthy lifestyle along with fast foods or junk foods lead to liver problems and other internal issues that also cause hair fall at times.
  • Immunity issues: The females always run the risk of being affected by immunity problems or more commonly known as auto immune disorders. The immunity problems can create severe hair loss in them as well.
  • Stress syndromes: Modern women are very much paralyzed by stress factors because of extreme pressure in their personal as well as professional lives. Stuck within this tug of war of life that also affects them psychologically, the females often have to suffer from serious hair fall nowadays.

Hair Fall Treatment in Delhi

Remedies for hair fall: There are various techniques, developing today, which are being used increasingly for effective treatment of hair loss. Hair treatment again varies from one individual to another based on the severity. Hair Fall Treatment in Delhi involves application of scientific and healthy methods of hair fall treatment. This comprises of tests involving blood counts, iron level, vitamin B, thyroid function tests, scalp biopsy, etc. followed by common hair fall treatments such as Mesotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy and hair transplant. The kind of treatment will be decided by the trichologists based on customized approach and a subsequent healthy lifestyle plan will also be prescribed by them along with hair fall therapy in order to check the hair loss.

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