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Male Breast Reduction

Understanding Gynecomastia or Male Breast

‘Male Breast’ or ‘Gynecomastia’ may appear in males at the time of puberty and may become permanent. The reasons cited for this condition are accumulation of fat over the chest and growth of mammary glands caused due to imbalance of hormones responsible for sexual characteristics.  However, enlarged breasts usually vanish as body matures. But, in some cases it is seen that the enlarged breasts become a permanent feature of one’s body.

The actual cause of male breasts is not only because of fat deposition in the area, but also enlargement of mammary glands which cannot be resolved with dieting and exercising. It cannot be dealt with any types of medicine as it is not a disease. Gynecomastia is an abnormality which can be resolved only by Gynecomastia operation or male breast reduction surgery.

Gynecomastia correction surgery

The clinical name of male breast reduction surgery is reduction mammoplasty which in case of males flattens the breast and gives proper contour to the chest. When the problem is too severe, excess fat along with glandular tissue can be removed. This process involves liposuction together with subcutaneous mastectomy and gives the patient a very pleasing appearance.

The gynecomastia surgery in Delhi is done by Skin Plus medical team under the guidance and supervision of Dr. D.M. Mahajan, M.D. Is a Sr. Consultant in Dermatology, Cosmetology and Laser Surgery at Inderprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi.

Who Are the Perfect candidates for Male Breast Surgery?

A patient should be in good health condition with normal BMI.

If enlarged breasts are cause of poor self-esteem.

The breast enlargement has stopped and there is no more growth.

Other treatments have failed to resolve the problem.

Patient has no other disease that may get aggravated due to the procedure and may prevent smooth recovery from surgery.

Only non-smokers are fit for this procedure.

Your gynecomastia surgery consultation

We hold close discussion with our patients to understand what they wish to achieve through a particular procedure. A patient may approach us with a particular procedure in mind, but only our experienced surgeons will be able to decide the exact treatment plan that will help them get the desired results. We may suggest additional and alternative procedures to help the patient achieve the desired cosmetic goals.

To enable us to help you in the best possible manner you must reveal your medical history and the past and present medications including vitamins and herbal supplements. Any previous surgeries may also be reported.

We will conduct endocrine function tests and other related investigations to determine the exact cause of gynecomastia. The surgeon will conduct breast examination and check the quality of your skin as well as the size and shape of the enlarged breasts to understand the kind of treatment necessary for the best outcome.

Based on the evaluation, we would recommend a course of treatment. At this stage patients are free to raise queries or doubts, and we will be happy to answer all questions in absolute detail.

At Skin Plus, we take a sympathetic approach and make sure our patients are at complete ease. We have best plastic surgeons to offer best gynecomastia surgery in Delhi who have gained years of experience in reduction mammoplasty in some of the well-known hospitals in India and abroad.


It takes more than just money to get what you desire. Our top notch facilities and world class solutions are focused to ensure the same to each and every patient. If you want to get the exact gynecomastia surgery price in Delhi, we recommend you book an appointment with us at the earliest.


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