Laser Moles & Warts Removal Treatment

What is a Mole?

You may get a mole from birth or at anytime of your first 25 years of life. A mole appears as a black or brown patch on the skin, which may appear anywhere on the body including the face. Normally these are harmless and non-cancerous. But the problem with moles is that they affect your beauty. No one wants spots on the face and neck, which are the most visible parts of the body. And if you have an oddly placed black or brown big mole somewhere, it actually makes you feel uncomfortable in public and affects your appearance quite a bit. Hence, you may want to get rid of it.

Moles are made of clustered skin cells. The melanin cells contributing pigments to the skin, clusters together and makes these moles. These are rather anomalies of skin, and can be completely removed when you come to us at skin plus.

What is a Wart?

Warts are actually more serious skin problems that moles are for their contagious nature. Warts are caused by viruses. When you are affected, the virus enters the skin fold or layer through cracked or injured skin. And then builds a wart which is a swollen balloon containing skin cells and fluids. You cannot remove the wart on your own, as it may be painful and uncomfortable, and you may bleed if you try removing yourself. Warts can spread from one person to another and from one body part to another. The best way to get this removed is to get professional wart removal help.

At Skin plus we have the advanced wart and mole removal methods with the best infrastructure and technology. Our professionals can give you a pain free wart and mole removal, completely safe, and you can enjoy your clear skin after the treatment.

Get yourself checked

As you decide that you don’t want the wart or mole, and realize that the home remedies don’t work that good, you can come to us. We will check your skin, and the condition of the mole or wart, and then get you ready for the treatment.

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