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Skin Plus comes to your rescue for all skin problems that you cater in life. We understand how important it is for you to look your best and have a skin that you love. You can visit any of three locations- Gurgaon, Haus Khas and GK1 to understand your skin problems and our expert dermatologist will assure that you never face discomfiture because of your skin. Photo rejuvenation laser treatment in delhi is a very new and exciting procedure which helps you get better skin tone with fresh texture and youthful appearance.

This treatment is a major breakthrough when it comes to skin care. The process involves removing fine lines and wrinkles that appear on skin due to photo aging. IPL non-laser technology helps to give your skin a bright new look by making it heal itself and recreating new cells. It provides spectrum of light to reach deep down the collagen level and helps it to rejuvenate and recover with even tone and texture. It helps to get rid of saggy skin, evident blood vessels, baggy eyelids, dull skin and scarring.

Along with Photo Skin Rejuvenation, there are many other treatments that we offer for your benefit like-

What is the factsheet about photo skin rejuvenation?

If you feel that your skin is looking dull and saggy with each passing day. The tiredness that breaks out on your skin is definitely not something that comes on your face because you are physically tired. It arises due to the reason that your skin has lost the glowing touch and is extremely damaged.

At some or the other point all of us must have wished for their skin to never age and always look bright and beautiful. Well, now you have a way to do this and that is through laser photo rejuvenation facial treatment.

It is quite obvious that we have to cater the everyday skin aging process along with million other things that cause damage to your skin. Up till now every treatment involving skin rejuvenation was supposed to be very timely and lengthy with the recovery period extremely elongated. Our laser facial rejuvenation treatment in delhi involves the latest technology that is not just simple sophisticated with great pinch of aesthetic procedure.

With profound dermatologists, this enormous new revolutionary treatment basically gives new life to your skin with beams of light instilled in the facial area. Laser photo rejuvenation facial treatment improves all the signs of aging, along with reducing fine lines, visible pores, pigmentation and wrinkles that result in beautiful looking skin that you had always dreamed of.

What is the concept behind photo rejuvenation?

The idea is very diligent. A much personified rays of light is immersed in the skin in various gentle pulses over the course of treatment. You must take the entire course of treatment in order to rejuvenate your skin and eradicate the damage that has been caused to your skin over many years due to dust, sun damage and ageing.

What are the areas that can be treated with the aid of this treatment?

The treatment works best to rejuvenate the skin on your face, chest, neck, hands and Facial Rejuvenation Treatment in Delhi works keenly on that. The primary fact is that the skin on your face is way more sensitive than any other part. That is why this part of the skin becomes dull very easily and these are the parts that can be made better.

How many treatments are needed for the perfect result?

The number of sitting you need depends on the condition of the skin. If your damage is at the early stage then 1-2 treatments are needed but more than this can be needed if your condition is worsen. The truth is no matter how worse your condition is, good news is it can be treated with us!


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