PRP for hair loss – The best way to promote hair growth

Hair loss effects around millions of women and men all across the world. This has become a serious problem in today’s world due to a number of reasons. No wonder, new methods are being invented every other day in order to cope up with this terrible issue. Loss of hair is a serious problem and with the increasing age, it becomes more and more severe. PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma is one such method that is widely preferred owing to its high-end success results.


PRP hair Regrowth treatments and how do they exactly work?

PRP for hair growth is a non-surgical, in-office autologous treatment that is derived from the blood of the patient who is undergoing the treatment. This complete surgery can be taken place within just an hour. First of all, the concerned area needs to be identified, followed by evaluation and measurements. After that, standardize medical pictures are clicked in the photo suite. Special and sterile equipment and techniques are involved to concentrate and separate the platelets and the plasma from the small peripheral blood sample. The blood sample and PRP are tested in a hematology analyzer in order to measure as well as document the improved version of the platelet concentration.

Prp for hair loss in delhi

Platelet-rich plasma usually contains the growth factors as well as cytokines that are responsible for enhancing and stimulating the hair follicle function. Again, the platelet-rich plasma or PRP can be combined with extracellular Matrix for the development of longer and stronger hair growth. Anesthetic and antiseptic solutions are used for preparing the scalp. These products make the scalp completely numb for ensuring a hundred percent painless treatment. The small PRP injections deliver powerful platelets into the skin for the growth factor. Basically, these are injected at the areas containing weak follicles. It can be said that mechanical and electronic micro needling is performed in order to ensure complete success for this treatment. And before the patient finally leaves the office, the Low-Level Laser Therapy is performed. For those looking for PRP therapy for hair loss in Gurgaon, Skin Plus Clinic is the right choice. The experts can help you to understand how this procedure can work for you as well as the available packages.

What can you expect from PRP treatment?

Many people have the question that how long does this treatment can last and what they can exactly expect from the overall process. Well, the improvements in hair mass index can be checked using hair check method. This specific method can help you to analyze the hair mass index several months before the actual results are visible to your naked eyes. When you can actually view the increment in hair Mass Index using the special device then you can visualize the improvement yourself. If you are wondering about the PRP treatment for hair loss in Delhi, then let me tell you that Skin Plus Clinic is the best choice for getting effective treatment at affordable prices.

prp for hair loss

Generally, takes around 6 to 12 months to view the exact PRP results visually in the mirror. Basically, the measurements are taken at a regular interval of 3 months in order to keep a track of the improvement level. The next PRP session is planned when the hair mass index starts declining. The result can last for at least a year and sometimes even more if there are no hereditary hair loss problem or related health complications. To get PRP therapy for hair loss in Gurgaon, get in touch with the hair experts at Skin Plus Clinic. They will guide you about this entire process.

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