Quick Tips for Healthy and Hydrated Skin

So many regular things we do can rob our skin moisture. We may not be even aware of them. Hot water bath, harsh cleansers and soaps, and lack of proper care and poor diet can all be the culprits. Some people resort to expensive products to hydrate the skin, but that alone is never enough. One must try to hydrate the skin in the natural way and then use skin rejuvenation treatment for better and long lasting results.

Here are some tips to keep the skin healthy and hydrated:

  • Drink plenty of water

Drink lot of water

Make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Water purifies your system and drives away toxins. When your body gets sufficient water, it remains hydrated from inside which in turns allows proper supply of moisture to the skin.

  • Apply Olive oil

treatment for stretch marks.

Olive oil is full of antioxidants and fatty acids which makes it a wonderful skin hydrator. Massage your skin daily with olive oil and see the difference. Before taking shower apply it all over your body. This will prevent soap or hot water from drying your skin.

  • Use only mild organic skin products

skin rejuvenation treatment

It is best to use mild organic products on your skin. Try to use herbal based face wash, cleanser, toner, soap, body wash, or anything that you apply on your skin. Also, select the products based on your skin type and the climatic conditions.

  • Don’t use too hot water for bathing

skin rejuvenation treatment

Instead of taking hot water bath, try to take bath with lukewarm water.  Hot water may feel soothing and relaxing, but it affects the skin badly.

  • Use a humidifier

skin rejuvenation treatment

If you live in very dry conditions, installing a humidifier will help. Keep the air conditioner or heater at moderate levels as too warm and too cold is not good for your skin and body as a whole.

  • Eat pumpkin regularly

skin rejuvenation treatment

Add just a little amount of pumpkin to your diet and it will hydrate your skin from inside. Pumpkin nourishes your skin as it has necessary nutrients that are required to keep skin healthy and glowing.

  • Eat more fruits and green leafy vegetables

Eat healthy

Give your body a healthy break. If you have been binging junk food and things like potato chips, cheese balls, salted wafers, etc. leave them instantly and replace them with more of fresh fruits and salads. Because of their high water content, minerals and vitamins your skin will be moisturised internally.

  • Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

facial rejuvenation

Besides using all the natural ways of hydrating skin rejuvenation treatments is particularly beneficial to deal with more severe problems. Dull and dry skin, fine lines and ageing signs can be successfully eliminated with combination of therapies. At Skin Plus we offer solutions based on the skin types and age and other health conditions of the patient. These treatments are customized according to the needs and requirements of the patients, and that is why can deliver great results. For a more effective solution combine natural remedies with specific skin treatment.

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