Reasons For Hair Loss In Males

Hair loss is a common problem in males. Most of the males get this receding hair line problem, when they are nearing their 40s. Some get it even earlier, and now the modern generation is suffering from premature hair loss, where symptoms starts occurring even before their 20s. That is the sad story of male hair loss, which has been making them question for ages that why men have to suffer every time, and how they may get a remedy.

Male pattern baldness reason

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Well this problem of hair loss can be for many reasons like stress, lifestyle, extreme imbalance in diet and work life, excessive smoking, excess vitamin A etc. But the main problem occurs due to hereditary traits. The male pattern baldness, which is one of the most common forms of baldness, is experienced due to the same problems your ancestors had. It’s a genetic issue. The hair follicles get too small and shrink due to a hormone called DHT. Eventually they are get too small to hold a hair strand. That is why the hairs fall off.

Some solutions

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The lack of DHT and male pattern baldness can be treated with a medicine. But then again the effect of the medicine can be seen only till the time it’s continued. Once it’s stopped, baldness returns. This made men more desperate for searching a treatment that an offer permanent solution. Wearing wigs can certainly help, but it’s not a feasible solution for all. Many may be uncomfortable, many allergic etc. A better way therefore is to get treatment for hair fall at Skin Plus in Delhi, which has shown proven results.

Hair transplant

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Hair transplant is the new age effective and permanent solution to baldness and hair loss in males. The treatment is all about transplanting hair from the thicker areas of hair on head to the bald areas. Every strand of hair is carefully transferred from the existing follicle to a new follicle on the scalp. A local anesthesia may be used during the procedure. After the treatment the transplanted hair stays there like normal hair.

There is nothing unnatural or artificial about transplanted hair. It’s your own natural hair which is changed position in the scalp to cover areas where there is no hair. The best part is that this therapy is non reversible. The hair transplanted stays there, and if it falls also, a new hair will replace it. The process lets you live a normal life and normal habits with hair.

The hair can be combed, brushed, washed, oiled and shampooed. You can treat them normally through life always. A good hair fall treatment clinic in Delhi would help you get hair transplant at minimal cost and with most effective results.

Why choose hair transplant clinic carefully

Hair transplant is a little costly process and when you think of doing it, you must choose a clinic which offers the best experts for the process and offers the most reasonable rate. They must be licensed, and must have the enough experience. Hence it’s important that you choose the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi.

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