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What is Restylane?

Restylane is basically hyaluronic acid that is biodegradable and non-animal-based. It is a clear gel that is also found naturally in human body. It is created under sophisticated laboratory conditions from tissues developed in a laboratory. Restylane is considered superior to other collagen based fillers developed from animal products.

What are the advantages of Restylane?

The benefits from Restylane get clearly visible almost instantly.  The treatment is minimally invasive, painless and has no downtime.

Patients can enjoy the effects of this treatment for months with no side effects. Since it is biodegradable it is well tolerated by the body and there is no outbreak of allergy which is an adverse reaction seen in the case of other fillers.

Any area of the face that needs volume and shape Restylane can be used to bring about the desired results. One can experience smooth skin with refined facial contours as a result of this treatment.

What areas can be treated most effectively by Restylane?

Restylane can be used to virtually erase creases, mild to deep folds, light wrinkles on the area of the facial skin. Aging signs like laugh lines and creases around the mouth are dealt with effectively with the help of this filler.

Sagging of the under eye skin, recessive chins, and less prominent cheekbones can be effectively treated with this advanced formula of hyaluronic acid. Restylane with large particles size is used for enhancing facial contours.

Lips can be made to look plump and fuller with Restylane treatment. People who think they want lip augmentation can safely opt for this treatment. The volume and shape of the lips can be maintained for months with the help of this treatment.

Restylane Injections in Delhi

The first step towards getting the best Restylane treatment in Delhi begins with the consultation. Our consultants fully examine the patient and take a close look at their medical history, their general health, and other parameters. If the patient is the right candidate for Restylane injection we go ahead with further advice and suggestions.

Based on patient’s problem areas and cosmetic goals, we decide the version of Restylane injection. We advise our patients about the precautions they need to take in order to get the best results from the treatment.

There are no skin tests or allergy tests needed for this treatment as this Restylane is a non-animal based product and there is little or no chance of allergic reaction. It is very helpful for people who want to get rid of signs of aging or enhance their facial contour or augment their lips but are allergic to fillers which contain components derived from animal products.

Since there is no downtime; the results are visible almost instantly. You can get the treatment by sparing just half an hour to forty-five minutes and get back to work.

Restylane Injections cost in Delhi

The cost of Restylane treatment will depend on the extent of the area that needs to be treated and the complexity of the problem. We offer the best treatment plan including the number of sessions needed for a patient to get the best results. The cost can be arrived at after thorough evaluation by our consultants. It is our endeavor to offer the most suitable treatment solution to our customers keeping their best interests in mind.


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