Anti Acne Treatment

Anti Acne Treatment

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Say Goodbye to Acne with Skin Plus Delhi’s Anti-Acne Treatments

At Skin Plus Delhi, we understand the impact that acne can have on your confidence and overall well-being. Our specialized Anti-Acne Treatments are designed to target the root causes of acne, providing you with clear, radiant skin that you can feel proud of.

Understanding Acne

Acne is a common skin condition that affects individuals of all ages, causing spots, pimples, and sometimes even painful cysts. Factors such as hormonal changes, genetics, lifestyle, and even stress can contribute to the development of acne.

Our Approach

Our team of experienced dermatologists at Skin Plus Delhi takes a personalized approach to acne treatment. We begin with a comprehensive skin analysis to determine the type and severity of your acne. This allows us to tailor a treatment plan that best suits your unique skin needs.

Our Anti-Acne Treatments

1. Medicated Facials
Our medicated facials are designed to deeply cleanse the skin, unclog pores, and reduce excess oil production. Using advanced formulations, these facials target acne-causing bacteria, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated.

2. Chemical Peels
Chemical peels are an effective solution for treating acne scars, pigmentation, and active acne. By gently exfoliating the skin’s top layer, these peels encourage cell turnover and promote the growth of healthy, new skin.

3. Microneedling
Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. This helps to improve skin texture, reduce acne scars, and diminish the appearance of active acne.

4. Acne Laser Therapy
Our advanced acne laser therapy targets the sebaceous glands responsible for excess oil production. This treatment reduces inflammation, kills acne-causing bacteria, and promotes clearer, healthier skin.

5. Medical-grade Skincare Products
We offer a range of medical-grade skincare products specially formulated to address acne-prone skin. These products are carefully selected by our dermatologists to ensure optimal results and long-term skin health.

Why Choose Skin Plus Delhi?

– Experienced Dermatologists: Our team consists of board-certified dermatologists with years of experience in treating various skin conditions, including acne.

– Advanced Technologies: We utilize the latest advancements in aesthetic technology to deliver safe and effective anti-acne treatments.

– Personalized Care: Every treatment plan is tailored to your unique skin concerns and goals, ensuring the best possible results.

Get Started Today!

Don’t let acne hold you back from having the clear, radiant skin you deserve. Schedule a consultation with Skin Plus Delhi today, and let our experts guide you towards an acne-free complexion.

dr. dm mahajan


Years Experience

Dr. D M Mahajan

After completing the medical qualification of MD from Maulana Azad Medical College in Delhi, Dr. D M Mahajan served the Indian Leprologist and Venereologist Association of Dermatologists as their President in the year 1997.

Being a dynamic personality and highly qualified professional, Dr. Mahajan got several opportunities from different countries but he was always motivated to serve India rather than moving abroad. Today, Dr. D. M. Mahajan is a well-known Dermatologist and Cutaneous surgeon, owing to his passion for wellness and has an experience of over 35 years.

Our Clients Say

It has a really awesome and promising services. One of my friend is having treatment in here. And it seems like the magic is real.

Pooja Singh

Clinic and doctor are very good. And my problem of acne is also getting better. So I am very happy and the cost is much less then other skin specialist.

Gopal Mishra

Skin Plus’s Dermatologists and staffs are very caring and make sure that they offer delightful experience whenever I visit them.


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Why Clients Choose Our Clinic

Skin Plus has a very loyal client base due to many reasons. We’re always transparent when it comes to our treatments and your requirements as trust are something paramount to us. Owing to this, our clients trust us to suggest only the best, nothing more, nothing less, and revisit every time they want to get something done.

Our facilities are at par with the global standards and all the equipment and treatments are done in the most advanced manner. These international standards are set by our expert dermatologist Dr. D M Mahajan who has over 35 years of experience and is the senior consultant dermatologist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi. We understand how important these treatments are to you and how they can make or break so many things. This is why we’re determined to give our clients nothing but the best.

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