Customised Wigs & Hair Extensions

Customised Wigs & Hair Extensions

Customised Wigs & Hair Extensions

Custom wigs and hair extensions are nothing short of a  miracle that will change your life for good. Through this great hair treatment, you will forget the hassles of continuous hair care and hair management. When you start to turn bald you become very cautious of your looks because people are accustomed to having seen you with hair. You become the topic of discussion at many social get-togethers.

Custom hair wigs and hair extensions will enable you to get back your pleasant look and would require minimum care with amazing quality hair fixing in Delhi at Skin Plus. Forget spending 2 hours in front of the mirror before going out and still not being satisfied with your hair. Managing to get the perfect hairstyle will become easy now. Skin Plus brings to you the best on-stock hair wigs and hair extensions that satisfy the needs of all the clients. Hair extensions can remove the stress of being bald at some point in time because of the hair fall.

Also, with the help of customisation, you can tell us how you want your wig to be and we will style it in a way that it will look exactly like your natural hair. Some celebrities wear these custom-made wigs and extensions all the time. Well, there is nothing to be surprised about. This is an enormously trending invention that is more natural than your natural hair. Losing hair is mostly never your fault so you should not be the one suffering from all the problems due to lack of perfect hair. It is very easy to maintain non-surgical hair treatment through this 100% natural method.

What is the role of a stylist in this procedure?

The role of the hairstylist in this entire procedure is very crucial and that is the reason we have the top-notch industry expert stylist who would examine your hair just to overcome all the struggles that would arise when it comes to arranging your hair in the best way possible. The stylist will examine your face and head structure and then will analyse your original hairstyle and texture to give you back your lost hair in a non-surgical way through a beautiful wig or extension that would look like your own hair. Hair wigs in Delhi are a trend that is catching up fast. We adhere to the latest trends in the fashion and skincare sector just to come up with creative ways to bestow you, your wig, or extensions.

What are the advantages of the body shaping treatment?

It is a non-surgical body contouring treatment that greatly reduces the complications associated with surgical treatments.

  • It removes the fat that bulges out of the body, offers visibly smooth skin and your curves look wonderful.
  • It is the number one solution to deal with cellulite.
  • There is no hospital stay, and no recovery time is involved.
  • The results are long-lasting.
  • Patients have reported complete satisfaction with no adverse effects.
What is the difference between a hair wig and hair extensions?

To understand the concept of hair wigs and extensions you need to understand the two different problems that get catered by these specialists when it comes to hair and beauty. Wigs are used when the hair condition is bad and you have lost most of your hair and the bald patches are quite visible.

However, hair extensions are used to increase the volume of your hair. Hair extensions in Delhi are easily available at Skin Plus. Mostly, wigs are used by men, and extensions are used by women because of the nomenclature of the women’s scalp. Men tend to get bald but women don’t unless and until there is a rare case.

Women only lose hair because of the reasons like –

  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes
  • Diet imbalance
  • Lack of Nutrients
  • Too much external damage
  • Sun damage
  • Styling damage

If you want to know hair weaving costs in Delhi then you must book your appointment with our expert dermatologist today. They will examine the condition of your hair and then will prepare a package that suits you best. The treatment is very easy and cheaper than any other process. At skin plus, our goal is to make every client look their very best.

dr. dm mahajan


Years Experience

Dr. D M Mahajan

After completing the medical qualification of MD from Maulana Azad Medical College in Delhi, Dr. D M Mahajan served the Indian Leprologist and Venereologist Association of Dermatologists as their President in the year 1997.

Being a dynamic personality and highly qualified professional, Dr. Mahajan got several opportunities from different countries but he was always motivated to serve India rather than moving abroad. Today, Dr. D. M. Mahajan is a well-known Dermatologist and Cutaneous surgeon, owing to his passion for wellness and has an experience of over 35 years.

Our Clients Say

It has a really awesome and promising services. One of my friend is having treatment in here. And it seems like the magic is real.

Pooja Singh

Clinic and doctor are very good. And my problem of acne is also getting better. So I am very happy and the cost is much less then other skin specialist.

Gopal Mishra

Skin Plus’s Dermatologists and staffs are very caring and make sure that they offer delightful experience whenever I visit them.


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Why Clients Choose Our Clinic

Skin Plus has a very loyal client base due to many reasons. We’re always transparent when it comes to our treatments and your requirements as trust are something paramount to us. Owing to this, our clients trust us to suggest only the best, nothing more, nothing less, and revisit every time they want to get something done.

Our facilities are at par with the global standards and all the equipment and treatments are done in the most advanced manner. These international standards are set by our expert dermatologist Dr. D M Mahajan who has over 35 years of experience and is the senior consultant dermatologist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi. We understand how important these treatments are to you and how they can make or break so many things. This is why we’re determined to give our clients nothing but the best.

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