Side Effects Hair Removal Creams on Skin

The most well-known depilatory creams work by melting the hair which can be then wiped away. The chemicals in the cream break down the actual structure of the hair. That is why you need to leave the cream on your skin for a stipulated period of time. Although this is a painless and easy way of hair-removal, it is not without risks. Since,depilatory creams have very harsh chemicals as ingredients; they are bound to have ill effects on your skin.

laser hair-removal treatment

Contrary to this laser hair-removal treatment helps you get permanent results without any side effects when done by an experienced and skilled specialist. If you live in the capital city, you can easily get laser hair removal in Delhi. Conducted in well-equipped clinics, it ensures satisfactorily results.

But, before you opt for laser hair removal treatment, you should be aware why you shouldn’t use hair-removal creams even from the most well-known brands. Here are some of the side effects discussed in brief:

Skin Irritation

laser hair-removal treatment

Skin sensitivity and irritation is the most common reaction when depilatory creams are applied on the skin. Soon after application, there is a tingling sensation and one can feel mild sting. Sometimes the skin may also become red. Usually, after the cream is removed with water the sensation stops. However, one can feel unpleasant sensations, even after the cream has been removed and the irritation may persist for hours. With regular use, itching, dryness, rashes and sensitivity are observed. Even though, there are hair removal creams for different parts of the body and for different hair types, regular use creates problems for the skin.

Chemical Burns

laser hair-removal treatment

Since, hair-removal creams work by melting away the hair, it can be imagined how harsh the chemicals are. Therefore, many people get severe chemical burns. It is not possible to remove the cream immediately as it will work only when left for a certain period of time. But, this may not be tolerated by the skin. The problem may also happen if the cream is not rinsed off thoroughly. When left for too long, the skin begins to break under the influence of the chemicals which becomes visible as a chemical burn.

Allergic Reaction

Permanent hair removal in Delhi

Allergic reactions are not common but also not unheard of. One can suffer from swelling, redness and burning sensation on the area of application. Therefore, you should always do a patch test before applying the cream on larger parts of your body. The instructions are always written on the package. Look for irritation or other signs of allergic reaction the following day.

Lingering Smell

Permanent hair removal in Delhi

No matter, how hard the companies try to impart sweet smell to the depilatory creams, the unpleasant odor can be hardly eliminated. The components in the cream contribute to the typical smell of the cream and it lingers long after the cream has been applied. The odor can be controlled with the application of lotions and body sprays, but still the smell would linger for quite some time.

It is true that body hair mars skin beauty to a great extent. One cannot wear skin, revealing dresses with body hair. Therefore, permanent hair removal treatments are the best option. Permanent hair removal in Delhi is possible at Skin Plus where top quality laser hair removal is offered by qualified dermatologists.

Skin Plus is one of the best laser hair removal clinics in Delhi which has technically advanced beauty solutions to suit your pocket.

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