Side Effects Of Waxing At Home

One of the easiest and most feasible hair removal methods which you practice at home is waxing. Though laser hair reduction in Delhi is the safest, permanent and pain free hair removal solution, yet shaving and waxing has long been in practice in homes. But waxing involves a long process, some proper waxing apparatus and precautions to be taken. Otherwise side effects of waxing, which you get at home will be common.

Side effects of waxing at home

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There are several side effects of waxing at home. They are as follows:

  • If you warm the wax too much, and apply without proper temperature testing, you may get a mild to serious burn on the skin.
  • If you are not cautious about the pimples you have, then you may injure the skin on the areas, the pimples may burst prematurely, and bring on an outbreak of pimples or local pain
  • You may also get skin irritation and redness, which is again the most common side effect
  • Rashes and small blisters or bruises are also not uncommon
  • There are ingrown hairs in many areas like the bikini line where it’s not possible to wax properly. You may have small hairs left there that looks odd and feel uncomfortable.
  • The tug at the skin every time you pull the wax strip may loosen the skin deep from inside, where it is bonded and packed by the collagen tissues, and this may result in premature sagging of the skin.

With these multiple problems you may think twice before going waxing. Moreover, this also involves a lot of steps. Getting the right waxing strip, or cloth piece, mixing the solution, heating it the right amount, applying it on your own to both reachable and unreachable skin of body, and that pain every time you pull the strip, is a messy process. And what’s next? The hair again comes back after a few days! All the labor has to be repeated again! This goes on until a day your skin asks you why- why the whole ordeal when you could have done it in a much simpler, pain free, and permanent way.

Laser hair removal

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Laser hair removal treatment in Delhi is such a pain free way of hair removal, which is a permanent solution too. Laser rays are applied by a certified dermatologist or cosmetologist in the clinic, and the hair follicles are permanently deactivated. This is the best laser hair reduction in Delhi, which locals prefer.

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