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Laser spider veins treatment

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are known by this name because they reveal a branching pattern and are typically visible on lower leg, thighs and sometimes on the face. Spider veins don’t remain restricted to one place, but spread to the adjacent areas and become visible with age. Laser treatment and Sclerotherapy are most helpful in dealing with this problem as these therapies can erase spider veins completely from your skin.

Why laser treatment for spider veins?

Spider veins create a web-like pattern and when they appear on the parts of the body, such as face, arms and lower legs, they do hamper the appearance of a person greatly. If you really try hard to conceal these veins, it is time to look for a permanent solution and laser treatment presents an ideal answer.

Laser treatment based on modern technology is non-invasive, fast and quick, involves no blood loss and allows smooth recovery.

Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins in Delhi


We want our customers to make an informed decision, and that is why to provide you with complete details about the treatment. As a patient you must know whether you need this type of treatment, and if you are the right candidate to receive the treatment.

Our consultants speak to each and every patient on a one-to-one basis and describe in detail the risks and benefits of the laser treatment and the possible complications or side effects if any.

We have well-trained doctors on board who are abreast with the latest technology and are able to offer you the best treatment for varicose veins based on your personal requirements and ability to tolerate the treatment.

The Treatment        

This has been majorly possible because of the laser treatment for spider veins which destroys the affected vein superficially. This prevents the growth of new collateral veins. The entire procedure is done under local anesthesia and does not require any cutting.

A pinhole is made in the leg through which the Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) is done. We offer the full proof treatment which seals the affected vein completely with the help of high wavelength laser beams produced by 1470 NM diode laser system. The varicose veins disappear completely with no effect on the skin. The patients may be required to admit in our clinic for only 6-8 hours.


Once you are under our treatment, we take due care during the recovery period. Patients are advised with all necessary medication as well as other precautions. In order to provide proper support, we apply a crepe bandage that should be worn on the calf during the healing period.

We keep track of all our patients during this period and schedule follow-ups and necessary tests to ensure sound recovery.

Our patients can enjoy a full recovery in the shortest time period as we provide detailed post-surgery advice. Any pain or discomfort can be taken care of with the help of anti-inflammatory drugs, and application of cooling agents, locally. All such side-effects are self-limiting and disappear in a few days’ time.

The Cost

As already mentioned, varicose veins laser treatment delivers the best results in overcoming the discomfort caused by spider veins. We try to provide the best treatment to our patients after examining their condition. The final cost is decided after examination and tests, and may vary from patient to patient.


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