Difference between Cosmetic Facial and Medical Facial

When we pay visit to beauty spa or salon, we generally opt for facial services. So, facial is a common term for all of us. However, we lack enough insight on it. We lack enough knowledge on different facial services. Basically, at beauty salon, you shall find different kinds of facial packages. You may get silver facial or gold facial…

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Why Chemical Peels are better than other Normal Facial?

The chemical peel is the new innovation where the chemical substance is applied to the skin to make it blister and then when dries out it is peeled from the skin to make it look brighter. This treatment can be applicable for face, neck and hands as these parts of bodies are mostly exposed to the pollution. Since the chemical…

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Chemical Peeling & Photo Facials

Chemical Peeling & Photo Facials To reduce fine lines and wrinkles, make the face look fairer, and reduce redness and hyperpigmentation of the facial skin, two processes are recommended by us in Skin Plus. One procedure is called the photo facial. It has other names like Photo facial, IPL photo facial etc. The other procedure is chemical peeling. Both of…

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