Tips to reduce belly fat without a sweat

A pot-belly is usually associated with obesity which has become a major health issue in today’s toxic surroundings. Fat and the comorbid disorders have become a subject of common concern for both the youngsters and older men, which are often being rabbitted on about by the doctors. With our inclination for fast foods and tight-scheduled work, health definitely goes on the backburner and the result is a growing stomach, indicating obesity. Women and men are found alike to be more health conscious than ever before by the dent of an exercise-bereft lifestyle which has up the ante of  having heart attacks, increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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However, with a whole host of many pills, diet plans, supplements, exercise regimens, yoga, weight loss Clinic and slimming center, Delhi at your disposal you can easily shed pounds rapidly. Take a look at our four methods of loosing belly fat without sweating a droplet.

  • The first and foremost thing to a flatter stomach is to make small healthy changes in your diet. Say no to chips, cookies, and foods containing flour and increase your intake of fiber. So consume more and more of whole grain products, low-fat dairy products, lime water, butter milk, and feel that receding waistline. Your diet should be swapped with 6 smaller meals instead of three heavier meals. Sleeping and last meal of your day should have an interval of two hours because food taken before bedtime gets accumulated as fat in the body.

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  • There is a misconceived notion among people that skipping meals, especially breakfast is the passport to shedding quick weight. Studies on Weight loss treatments in Gurgaon have proven that a balanced and healthy breakfast stimulates the metabolism of our body for the whole day. So, when you skip it, the rate of metabolism droops down forcing the breakdown of muscles to conserve fat.

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  • If you are someone who kicks start his day with a cup of coffee, then you must purge yourself of this habit. You add on a lot of calories and fat by taking those big and frequent nips of coffee. Start consuming butter milk or lime water instead of coffee. Add a lot of vegetables to your diet which have low fat, low calorie and are rich in nutrients. You must also start increasing the intake of fat burning foods which are called as thermogenics to race up the metabolism in the body so that efficient fat burn ensues. Common thermogenics are cayenne peppers, green tea, coconut oil, cinnamon, and the like.



  • Start your morning with some ayurvedic treatments that go a long way in reducing belly fat. Gobble up two or three cloves of garlic and then drink a glass of lemon every morning to increase the weight loss. This will also improve the blood circulation in your body.

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  • Your lifestyle determines your health in a lot of ways. Even the best weight loss clinic in Delhi will tell you that stress, sleeping patterns, drinking, smoking, prolonged working hours, etc have a big say in weight issues in the long run. It has been pointed by various that people who enjoy a good sleep in the night are less are likely to feel hungry throughout the day. So, grab a good sleep every night and you’ll notice the reduced incidences of hunger pangs.

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