Top 10 Home Remedies for Oily Skin Fairness

One of the disadvantages with oily skin is that, however you try to keep them look clean and fair, they look a shade or more dark for the excess oil secretion. And as the best skin specialist in Delhi gets concerns from people, the challenge often is to keep this excess oil secretion within control and reduce marks from pimples and acne. You can however control the oil secretion and take care of you oily skin to improve complexion with these best 10 tips shared here. These are proven home remedies that work.

Oily skin treatment

  • Frequently washing the face with cold water is a great way to keep the face oil free naturally. To washing more effectively you may wash the face once or twice in the day with a mild and organic cleanser.


  • Sometimes for better oil cleansing you can wash your face with salt water. Brine absorbs oil very well, and will keep the face oil free for sometime.


  • Take care while drying the face after every wash. When you are patting the face dry ensure you are gentle. As you wash more frequently for oily skin, you will pat dry frequently too, and hence must be sure to be as gentle as possible.


  • Use a toner after washing face with a face wash, for tightening the skin pores. This will reduce the oil secretion for sometime, and will also make the face ready for receiving moisturizer. Use a moisturizer for oily skin.


  • A simple cucumber honey face pack will work wonders. Extract some fresh cucumber juice, and add a few honey drops and mix them well. Now apply on face, let it stand for few minutes, and wash. You will feel an instant fairness and freshness.


  • Here is a simple face wash formulation that you can make at home. It will help you get instant fairness inspite of oily skin. Mash a papaya, and add few drops of honey and 2-3 tablespoons of milk with it, and mix well. Apply this on face and retain for half an hour. Then lightly rinse off, and pat dry gently to reveal a fairer skin tone.


  • Egg whites make great fairness face packs, and you can apply this two times in a week. Use this as a face mask, let it dry, and rinse off with cold water.


  • Scrubs are good to clean off dead skin cells. For oily skin walnut scrubs work great. A scrubbing once or twice in 2 weeks helps remove dull dead skin cells from surface and bring out fresh new fairer skin cells from beneath.


  • You can apply raw milk on skin as a milk face pack. Apply this and let it dry, and wash of. This improves skin tone while balancing oil.


  • A face pack made from gram flour, turmeric powder, saffron powder, and some milk can be applied on face. Let it sit for half an hour, and then wash it off to reveal clean and fresh fairer skin.


You can always see a dermatologist in Delhi for advanced suggestions on improving skin tone of your oily skin when you don’t feel fully satisfied with these home remedies.

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