Top 7 Effective Skin Care Tips from your Kitchen

There are so many items you use in your kitchen in your daily life, which can change the face of your beauty, and can keep you ever glowing with natural health and radiance. The kitchen in the home is a store house of natural products which can help you keep your skin healthy and radiant always without having to spend lots of money on beauty products from the market. Here are 7 such items listed, which you would naturally find in your kitchen, and may use them to get flawless beautiful healthy skin. Even the best dermatologist in Delhi also would recommend using them on a daily basis in the right way for optimum results.


  • When you are working with eggs you can simply use the egg white or the yolk, or just a little of the entire whipped egg, and mix one teaspoon of coconut or olive oil to it. This mixture when you apply on the face will help make the skin firm and toned because of the egg. And the oil will help the skin stay soft and hydrated. Applying this once a week will show great results.

Egg facial

  • You may fumble around to find a perfect makeup remover which will pamper your skin and carefully and delicately remove all makeup leaving the skin soft and supple. There are makeup removers in the market too, but why spend a dime on any if you have olive oil or coconut oil at home. Both these oils work wonders in removing the toughest of makeup in the gentlest way.

treatment for stretch marks.

  • Cucumber is a good hydrator which would help you soften the skin, relax tired eyes, and rejuvenate. Simply apply two slices of cucumber on eyes to cool the off and remove the bags under the eyes. You can crush cucumber and mix it with some honey to form a paste and apply on skin as a pack too.


  • You can get healthy and soft body skin by applying sugar scrub, which you can make in your kitchen quite easily. You just need to mix equal portions of sugar (white or brown), and coconut or olive oil to it. If you want you may add any essential oil of your choice to it. Scrubbing the body with this and rinsing off with lukewarm water would give you great result.

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  • Simply rubbing a tomato on your skin would help you get lighter skin, if you do this every alternate day. Tomato juice is a great skin lightener and full of vitamins and antioxidants.


  • Lemon is another great kitchen item you get in almost all kitchens. You can squeeze out some juice and mix a little honey with it, and apply on face. It helps lighten skin, clears pigmentation and dark patches, and also helps fight acne and pimples.

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  • Yogurt is a great skin softener and conditioner. You can use yogurt on hair and skin both, and adding this to any pack bring weight to the pack, and nourishes skin and hair by adding moisture and making it soft.


Caring for the skin daily is a part of a healthy regimen. The skin is the external block to save the body from negativities, and yet has to be in best condition while protecting you. To make sure you can always get it checked by the best skin specialist in Delhi. You also should not let spots, pigments, patches and marks lower your confidence when you can get them removed easily by the best cosmetic clinic in Delhi.

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