Vitiligo Laser Treatment

At Skin Plus we offer the best Vitiligo treatment in Delhi to manage affected patchy and discolored skin. Vitiligo is a disease of the autoimmune system, which affects skin of the body in prominent and minimal ways depending on the severity of the condition. The melanin is the pigment present on skin cells, which gives the skin color by producing the coloring pigments. It’s because of the melanin that skin has so many colors on population of different races around the world. Whether you are dark or fair, red or brown, you may get affected by Vitiligo. And if this happens, then this melanin pigment of the skin cells in various or some or few parts of the body will get destroyed. That is the symptom of the disease. And then skin will appear patchy, and a few shades fairer or whiter than the rest of the normal body skin.

What happens to the skin in Vitiligo

Patient with Vitiligo suffer from awkward patchy white skin on body and face. The concentration of the patches may be scarce, or heavy, small or widespread. Although Vitiligo as the medical condition can be treated and slowed, and sometimes goes away on its own too in few cases, it still has no complete cure in medicine. But, skin affected with Vitiligo has cure, and can get back to normal. This happens by treating the melanin pigments of the skin, and restoring the pigmentation. The therapy used for this is laser. We use a combination of lasers or the PUVA, or low bandwidth UVB lasers on the skin in methodical ways to eliminate the skin of the patches.

How Vitiligo patches are treated?

Laser beams can be used in two ways. If the patient has small patches of white areas on some parts of the body like face and neck or just the limbs, then rays of lasers are thrown on the area. The skin subjected to laser beams get through the regimentation process.

Sometimes the patches are more widespread. In such cases the patient is entered inside a light chamber and the whole body is subjected to light. A light chamber treatment imposes lasers through the body in acceptable doses, so that the whole body can be treated for re-pigmentation.

Sometimes a combination of an ointment with the laser therapy is required for some cases. Overall several sessions of the laser therapy are required, and may have to be reaped twice in a week to get the best results.

The cost of treatment

When people hear about lasers, the first thing that comes to their mind is the cost of treatment. The packages designed by us for laser treatment for Vitiligo in Delhi are quite affordable for the common man. Rather the Vitiligo treatment cost in Delhi is revised to keep it within reach of patients since people may have to go for repeated sessions to get the best results. We have the latest infrastructure in giving the laser treatment, because for Vitiligo treatment the perfect combination of the lasers in the controlled way makes the treatment most effective.

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