What are the Causes of Cracked Heels?

Throughout the year, it is necessary that you take care of your body. Just as cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are necessary for your face, similarly, it is also important that you take care of your feet.

cracked heels

Hardly, people bother about their feet and end up having cracked heels followed by pain and bleeding. In this post, we are going to discuss the various reasons behind your cracked heels.

Lacking moisture

The skin under your beautiful feet is usually rough, dry and chapped. Lack of moisture is known for being one of the most common reasons behind cracked heels. The skin surrounding your foot heel has numerous sweat glands. The presence of fat aids the skin to make it soft as well as prevent it from drying out. If you have dry skin in particular, cracked skin becomes more apparent due to lack of elasticity. It can exacerbate the following conditions:

  • Aging skin

Scaly, dry, thick skin tends to lose the elastic feature with the age. Cracked heels become a common problem among older people.

  • Deficiencies

Lack of minerals and vitamins, like zinc can actually affect the health of your foot heel.

  • Obesity

If you are obese, cracked heels become a common problem due to your body pressure on your fat pad, which is present under the heel. Thus, it leads to expansion of the skin sideways. Moreover, if the skin actually lacks flexibility, it can put sheer pressure on those beautiful feet. Thus, leading to the problem of cracked heels

  • Pressure

If you spend a long time standing at home or work, this can be a common problem

  • Hygiene

Unhygienic food conditions can be a good enough reason for cracked heels

  • Poorly fitting shoes

Change in your walking posture or standing for a prolonged time can be a common cause for cracked heels.

  • Exposing footwear

If you have the habit of wearing open shoes or sandals that allow the fat pad under your heel expanding sideways, it can increase the possibilities of cracks on the heels. In that case, you need to take care of the feet regularly.

  • Genetics

Calloused or dry skin surrounding the heel can also be the genetic reason for your cracking heels.

With the list of possible conditions mentioned above, you can try to identify the reasons that may be affecting you, followed by altering the current habits. If you are unable to determine the reasons properly, take an appointment with the best dermatologist in South Delhi.

How can you prevent cracked heels?


Food hygiene is something which you cannot underestimate during the winter season. In fact, boosting food hygiene throughout the year is essential just as you take care of your face and other parts of the body. Using cleansers and moisturizers can keep the skin of your foot supple. Heel balm can repair cracked skin within a few days of application. If your condition does not improve, get in touch with the best skin specialist in Gurgaon.

Sometimes when the reasons behind cracked heels are not properly diagnosed, applying foot heel balm fails to show the result. You can check out with the best skin specialist in Delhi to prevent the condition from being further alleviated.

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