What are the Causes of Male Pattern Baldness ?

Being a male, your hair are one of the most valued characteristics of your personality. Besides playing a crucial role in your appearance, your hair also provide you with several other benefits like maintaining body temperature, speedy evaporation of sweat on your head and protection of your scalp from harmful UV sun rays.

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It is therefore a matter of utmost importance for you to ensure sound health of your hair. But unfortunately most of the men suffer from the common problem of hair loss. This hair loss problem is mainly associated with the phenomenon called “Male Pattern Baldness” aka “Androgenetic Alopecia”.

How Male Pattern Baldness is characterized?

Male Pattern Baldness is mainly characterized by a few apparent features like an “M” shaped or at times a “U” shaped hairline on the front side of your head and the front surface going completely bald without any hair. If untreated, it can also lead to the baldness on the back of your head causing complete baldness. There are 3 prime types of root causes behind Male Pattern Baldness, namely 1) Ageing, 2) Genetic/Hereditary causes & 3) Hormonal Causes. To avoid your hair from falling to a severe extent, you can find some of the options for Best Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi.

Detailed evaluation of Male Pattern Baldness and the 3 causes behind it  :

Aa mentioned above, almost every man has to face the problem of male pattern baldness at some or the other point in his life. Some face it earlier, like even starting from teenage, while others have the fortune of dense hair up till their 50s. But an average man’s question might be, what is the basic process behind this phenomenon and what are the underlying factors. Firstly, let us quickly understand the composition of a hair in layman’s language. Your Hair is basically made up of a protein, specifically known as “Alpha-Keratin”. Each Hair strand grows from the extension of a bulb like structure in the dermis of your scalp known as the “Hair Follicle“.


The Hair Follicle is the only “lively” aspect of your hair which is responsible of hair growth while the shaft of your hair represents nothing but the dead part. Thus, when you suffer from hair loss, the prime reason is the weakening of these Hair Follicles causing the irregular growth of hair and also leads to the growth of thin, weak hair strands. This causes speedy hair damage and resultant hair loss. The weakening of your hair follicles is connected to many different aspects like hormone levels, wearing out of the follicles due to passage of time, genetically inherited weak hair follicles, etc.

Different types of Hair Fall Treatments you can avail in Delhi:

The above mentioned causes of hair loss can lead to a severe case of baldness if not treated at an early stage. Following are some treatments you can opt for hair fall solution :

  • Ointment & Oral Medications : There are a few licensed ointment options like Minoxidil and Finasteride. These ointments must be applied regularly at the affected areas to strengthen the Hair follicles and in some cases they also promote new hair growth. Finasteride is also available as an oral medication to be taken 1 Mg per day for Male Pattern Baldness. However Medication does not ensure any permanent solution on hair loss problem.

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  • Hair Transplant treatment : If you are searching for the best options, you can find the best alternatives for hair fall treatment in Delhi. There are many renowned hair loss treatment clinics in Delhi. Hair transplant is of two types namely Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Both these methods have a common process of removing hair follicles from areas on your head that are unaffected from baldness and then transplanting them to the bald areas. But FUE can be more desirable as it involves removal of individual follicle units instead of the entire tissue surrounding the follicle like in FUT which leaves behind scars. Hair Transplant method is the best permanent treatment on hair loss till date.

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