What are the Causes of Under Eye Dark Circles?

Dark circles make one appear ugly. Are you worried because of dark circles under your lower eyelids? Well, dark circles are common in women and men. They are accompanied by bags and crow’s feet. You will appear much older than your actual age. It is not easy to get rid of this. You must have seen a number of advertisements promoting cream and lotions that can help in getting rid of this problem within just a few days. In practical life, most of them are useless, and even if few of them can help you to remove those ugly dark circles, the effect won’t last long.

under eye dark circle treatment in Delhi

Now the question is who are most prone to dark circles. Although it is a common skin problem, people who are at risk to develop dark circles are:

  • Having any kind of genetic predisposition of this condition
  • Are aged or elderly
  • Belong to the non-white ethnic groups

What are the actual reasons behind the formation of dark circles under the lower eyelids?

There are several factors which contribute to this specific skin condition. Below, I am going to discuss some of the common reasons for your convenience:

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep

Insufficient sleep can lead to fluid buildup underneath the eyes, making them look puffy. Thus, it can be said that the dark circles that you actually see are simply the shadows cast by the puffy eyelids.

Extreme fatigue, oversleeping or staying awake past your usual sleep time can lead to the formation of dark circles under the eyes. Sleep deprivation can make your skin appear pale and dull, thus leading the dark tissues as well as the blood vessels showing up. You can get Under Eye Circle Treatment in Delhi at affordable prices.

Eye strain

Eye Circle Treatment in Delhi

Working on your computer or staring at the television screen for a long time can lead to significant stress and strain on the eyes. It further enlarges the blood vessels surrounding your eyes. Hence, the skin besides your eye zone can darken.

Overexposure to Sun

sitting in sun

The level of melanin starts reducing in the body when you overexpose yourself under the Sun. Melanin is that pigment which is responsible for providing color to your skin. Overexposing under the sun leads to pigmentation of the skin surrounding the eyes, making them appear dark.



This is a common reason behind the formation of dark circles under the eyes. When your body doesn’t get the water it needs, the skin beneath the eyes starts looking dull and your beautiful eyes appear sunken. This happens due to their presence in close proximity to the underlying bones.



Eye dryness and certain kind of allergic reactions can lead to dark circles. Histamines are released due to the presence of harmful bacteria in the body when you have an allergic attack. Apart from making you feel uncomfortable, redness, puffy eyes and itchiness are some of the common symptoms. Histamines also make your blood vessels dilate and hence, become much more visible beneath the skin. Allergies also make you rub the itching skin repeatedly around the eyes. This further worsens the symptoms, leading to broken blood vessels swelling and inflammation. As a result, dark shadows form beneath the eyes.

You can check out with the best dermatologist in South Delhi to ensure proper cure of this skin condition. The Best Skin Specialist in Gurgaon can provide you with treatment packages within your budget. This is a short-term treatment that will cure the dark circles, fines lines, crow’s feet and other skin problems in your eye zone.

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