What Causes Excessive Growth of Hair on the Body?

Lots of people suffer, unfortunately, from excess and unwanted hair growth in various parts of their body and face. It is a medical condition which a lot of doctors call “hirutism.” Having excess hair can be embarrassing to a lot of folks. Before investigating the options to remove excess hair, it is important for you to understand why this condition arises in some people at all.

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  • Who has excess hair growth? : Although men suffer excessive hair growth on their backs and shoulders, but it generally feels more uncommon in women maybe because women are not expected to be as hairy as men are. Women from specific ethnic groups like Middle Eastern and Mediterranean can have some excessive hair growth which is darker and coarser appearing on the face, stomach, chest, backs and legs.


  • Why should you learn about the reasons for excessive hair growth? : This is important to find out what the exact causes are behind excessive hair growth as it can be useful in determining the way that the condition must be treated in order to reduce this hair growth. Some of the reasons behind excessive hair growth can be hereditary, hormonal imbalances, pregnancies, improper medications, etc.


  • Male hormones: Sometimes having a higher amount of male hormones or androgens in the body can also lead to excessive hair growth. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a condition which can cause abnormal and excessive hair growth. Anyone suffering from hormonal imbalances must consult a doctor immediately.

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  • Options: IF you are suffering from excessive hair growth then you will have various options to remove the hair. One of the easiest methods is shaving, it is inexpensive and effective and but shaving needs to done on a regular basis and can result in nicks, cuts and creating stubble. Waxing is another option, it can make the skin smooth and supple for a long time, but it needs to be done meticulously and preferably by professionals in a salon. Plucking is also an option, but it is highly time consuming. Laser hair removal option is guaranteed to reduce your hair growth for a longer period, even permanently. But it is not recommended to people who suffer from hormonal imbalances like Cushings Syndrome. It is essential for a doctor to do a comprehensive physical check up before deciding whether the patient is suitable for laser hair removal therapy because otherwise hormonal imbalance is the body can affect the treatment in an adverse way.


  • Further options: When you have determined the reason for excess hair growth in your body and have been assured that it is not due to any hormonal issues, you can go in for the correct method to reduce this hair growth depending upon your budget and time at your disposal. For any further queries, you should visit a skin specialist at the earliest.

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