What Is the Best Treatment for Treating Melasma on Face?

Spot or patch on skin is highly unwanted and it can become nightmare when it occurs on the face. Our face determines our personality. It decides how we appear before others. If your face is filled with brownish or whitish patches, your personality would not be attractive to others. Your beautiful face can be completely ruined due to those unwanted patches. Now, patches on face can happen due to many reasons. It can happen due to acne or pimple. When acne or pimple gets healed, it generally leaves dark patch on skin. Another reason behind facial skin patches is Melasma. So, what is Melasma? How can it happen and why should you be worried about it? Answers to these questions are discussed below.

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Best Treatment Options for Melasma

According to survey, millions of people around the world are victims of melasma. Thus, it is essential to know as well as understand the possible Melasma treatment in Delhi. In the following section, a few effective and proven treatment options are discussed.

  • Hydroquinone: Various over the counter ointments are there and they come with this substance. You can purchase those ointments without any doubts. Hydroquinone rich products are quite effective in lightening skin. As a result, it gradually helps the patches on your face to get dissolved with natural skin texture.
  • Topical Creams: Various over the counter topical creams or ointments are there to help you to get rid of the melasma. According to their composition, effectiveness of those products varies. You can purchase any product and try them for the treatment purpose.

When it comes to the topical creams for treating melasma, it is generally found that these creams take good amount of time to heal the patches on your skin. Nevertheless, there is always prevailing risk of increase of the melasma on your face. As a result, situation will go from bad to worse. In such conditions, the safest treatment option is the hyper-pigmentation treatment in Delhi. This treatment has been offered by the professional cosmetic surgeons. Through laser, this treatment for melasma has been offered to the patients. It is highly effective and it helps to get rid of melasma in a short period of time. The result will last forever or at least for 18-20 years.

Prevention of Melasma

In order to prevent melasma, you need to follow a few basic things for taking care of your facial skin. These techniques are discussed in the following section.

  • Using Outdoor Hats: UV ray causes the most concerning damage to your skin and it can result into disruption of melanin count. So, using hat is essential when you go outside, as it will protect you from harmful UV ray.
  • Sunscreen Lotion: You should invest generously in quality sunscreen lotion. It will prevent your facial skin from possible damages.
  • Washing Face: it is important to keep the pollutants away from your facial skin and that is why you should make it a habit of washing the face whenever you come from outside. It will keep your face skin to avoid the chance of acquiring melasma.

For more information and guidance on the laser melasma treatment in Delhi, you need to book appointment with our experts.

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