What is the Most Effective Hair Regrowth Treatment?

Many men and women in India are losing hair and suffering from baldness. Some of the causes of hair loss include genetic tendency, growing age, and the presence of dihydro testosterone. Increased levels of dihydro testosterone shrink the hair follicles and cause hair loss. Women usually suffer from hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia, illness, surgery, dieting, emotional stress, thyroid problems, use of birth control pills and childbirth.

You can find the best hair loss treatment in Delhi at skin plus clinic. Highly qualified medical professionals conduct the treatment for hair loss without any side effects. You can ask for the nonsurgical treatment – PRP Therapy to restore hair naturally.

best hair transplant clinic in Delhi

In this process, the professionals at skin plus clinic collects the blood sample of the patient. The sample is then processed in the centrifugal machine to separate the platelet plasma proteins from the blood. The PRP is rich in growth proteins necessary for promoting the hair growth and strengthen your natural hair.

The trichologist injects the PRP into the scalp of the patient where hair loss is prominent. The PRP treatment is performed in hair loss treatment centers in Delhi and across other cities in India. Other types of hair loss treatments include natural hair transplantation, non-surgical treatments, hair weaving and synthetic hair transplantation.

Apart from PRP, Skin Plus clinic offer derma roller, mesotherapy, and stem cell treatment.

  • Mesotherapy hair loss treatment in Delhi

In Mesotherapy, the trichologist  injects the vitamins and growth factors into your scalp to promote hair growth. It requires around 8 sessions for promising results. Mesotherpay is used for the treatment of partial baldness, pattern baldness, and thinning of the hair in women. It boosts blood circulation and nourishes the scalp and hair follicles for natural regrowth of the hair. It is less painful when compared to the hair transplant procedures and takes up to five months for best results.

  • Dermaroller hair loss treatment in Delhi

A fine set of needles are rolled on your scalp to stimulate collagen. The trichologist  then applies the medical solution to the scalp. It boosts blood flow to the hair roots on your scalp and penetrates deep into the skin. It promotes natural hair growth.

  • Laser treatment for hair loss in Delhi

In this procedure, laser light is applied to increase energy to the hair follicles. It also boosts blood flow and rejuvenates the damaged hair follicles to improve thickness and texture of the hair follicles. It also promotes regrowth of the transplanted hair.

It is also suggested to prevent head with tap water. You need to consume foods rich in nutrients and vitamins and ensure sound sleep. You are also advised to regularly massage the scalp using organic coconut oil promotes the growth of your natural hair.

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