Which is the best method for tattoo removal in Delhi?

Tattooing is something that makes a person to look fashionable. When it comes to tattoos or body arts, people generally have two options. The first option is temporary tattoo, which may remain for a week. With washing the body part with soap, the temporary tattoo seems to get faded out. However, advanced temporary tattooing materials have been introduced of late to give water proofing to the tattoos. The other option for tattooing is permanent tattoo. With this type of tattoo, you get permanent tattoo which cannot be wiped out with soap and water. Now, the question is what happens if you are bored with your permanent tattoo? Well, there are some ways or advanced techniques to remove the permanent tattoos as well. For example, you can opt for laser tattoo removal in Delhi.

laser tattoo removal in Delhi

Laser tattoo removal has been regarded as one of the robust and highly effective techniques for removing permanent tattoos. In Delhi, different cosmetic dermatology clinics are available where people can get such tattoo removal service. For flawless permanent tattoo removal in Delhi, different kinds of laser techniques are available. Some of those popular techniques are discussed in the following section.

Passive Laser Tattoo Removal

Passive laser tattoo removal treatment has been regarded as the cheapest laser tattoo removal technique. Though it is the cheapest method, it comes with a few shortcomings. The major drawback is that tattoo removal does not happen with perfection. The result is not predictable and in most of the cases it does not meet expectations of people.

Active Laser Tattoo Removal

To overcome the drawback of passive laser tattoo removal, active laser tattoo removal has been introduced in various cosmetic dermatology clinics. As stated, it overcomes the drawback of passive laser tattoo removal by bringing perfection into the process. The tattoos are removed with perfection. This technique has been widely applied these days. However, the problem is that it is not cheap. If you find a good cosmetic dermatology clinic, you can get the service at modest cost.

Q-Switched Ruby Laser

This is regarded as the primitive method for tattoo removal, and it is also quite commonly practiced method for tattoo removal. The only problem is that the method is primitive. It is not really accurate and it is not cost-effective too. For removing homemade inks, this method is not really effective enough.

Q-Switched Nd-YAG Laser

This particular laser technique emits the infrared ray to remove the tattoo inks. This method is effective, especially when red or orange colors are required to be removed. For removal of black and dark blue inks, this method may not show high percentage of accuracy.

So, depending on your tattoo types, its colors and other aspects, the tattoo removal in Delhi cost has been determined. Laser treatment for permanent tattoo removal is not really cheap, but it is considered as the most effective technique. Nevertheless, it does not cause major harms to the skin. After the laser treatment, mild itchiness and skin redness could be felt. In most of the cases, nothing more than that happens to the clients.

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