Why Chemical Peels are better than other Normal Facial?

The chemical peel is the new innovation where the chemical substance is applied to the skin to make it blister and then when dries out it is peeled from the skin to make it look brighter. This treatment can be applicable for face, neck and hands as these parts of bodies are mostly exposed to the pollution. Since the chemical treatment is sensitive to the skin this is why you must avoid extreme sun exposure after the treatment. In case of working women they must use branded sunscreen above SPF 30 to protect the areas from the UVB rays of the sun.

How does the treatment help us?

  • The chemical peeling helps the skin to look brighter than before.
  • It helps in diminishing the dark patches, age spots from the skin which are the consequence of taking contraceptive pills.
  • It can also heal particular type of acne.
  • The treatment can improve scars from the skin.
  • It also prevents the first appearance of wrinkles and well curved wrinkles with sensitivity.
  • It can also be useful in controlling fine lines around mouth and crow’s feet around the eyes.

Things to keep in mind before the treatment:

  • In most of the cases the fair complexioned and less hairy skin is best suited for the chemical peel on treatment. The people with comparatively darker complexion can also apply for this but the result may vary based on the skin type. The later may see the appearance of wrinkles after the treatment.
  • Women, who are having extreme wrinkles and saggy skin, must not try the aforementioned treatment. They must opt for other options like laser uplifting treatments.
  • You must consult with your expert before the treatment if you have had any x-ray treatment on your skin before. There are many chemical peeling clinics in Delhi which can guide you better in this case.
  • Consult with the expert doctors of the chemical peeling clinics in Delhi about the medications that you must have before the chemical treatment. You must stop taking certain drugs, and according to the prescription you must start taking new medicines that will suit your treatment.
  • The depth of the chemical peel must be decided by the expert doctor as it is totally depends on the skin type and the outcome of the goal.
  • You must consult with your doctor about the care that you are going to need after the treatment.

Let’s see how chemical peels are done:

chemical peel treatment in delhi

You can experience a chemical peel in our centers in Delhi NCR. Though the treatment is sensitive but it doesn’t take much time to complete. Our experts who will be conducting the treatment will clean your skin completely before the attempt. After that he will start applying different chemical mixtures on the skin in small quantity. This will gradually start set across the skin. You may feel some burning or stingy thing on your skin but cool compression can make you feel better. You may have the best medical treatment from the chemical peeling clinics in Delhi

The complications you must be aware of:

You may notice some temporary or permanent colour changes in your skin. If you take any contraceptive pills after the treatment or any genetic problem nay cause difference in skin. After the treatment you may have your skin covered with bandages for some time. You need to avoid the exposure to the sun for several months as your new bright skin is subtle and fragile.

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