Why Laser Tattoo Removal is Better than It’s Alternative Methods?

Today, a lot of countries in the world are seeing a rising trend of people getting permanent tattoos on themselves. This has emerged as quite a fashion statement for a lot of young people. Studies have revealed that this trend is increasingly popular among teenagers in the age group 16 to 19 years who like to get tattoos done on themselves without really considering what the possible consequences can be in future at more professional scenarios or in their social spheres and personal lives. Many do not even consider the designs which they get tattooed on themselves.

Laser tattoo removal in Delhi

Research has shown that around 20 percent of young people get tattoos when they are under influence of alcoholic substances or drugs. Thus, it is only normal that a lot of people look for options to get their tattoos removed. Tattoo removal in Delhi is now no longer a complicated procedure with laser removal technology. This article will discuss why laser removal of tattoos is good.

  • Scientific procedure: Today tattoo artists use pigmented granular substances in their tattooing processes which are able to clearly penetrate into the skin’s dermal layers. Thus to remove these tattoos, what is required is a laser system that will emit powerful radiations. But laser removal is not the whole solution as single components of colours react differently to various processes of treatment. For instance, removing red or yellow pigments will be comparatively easier than removing blue or black hues. Thus, laser tattoo removal procedures are based on different factors like the duration of the pulse, the diameter of the complete tattoo, the depth of the penetration and also the absorption spectrum of the colours. Thus it is a completely scientific procedure.

laser tattoo treatment in delhi

  • Laser in medical practice: Using lasers for medicinal purposes, specifically on skins was done first by Goldman. The principle involved was to direct a specific beam of laser rays to hit the chromophore and generate a minute thermal damage. This process is called the “selective photothermolysis” which will ensure that all the other surrounding tissues will not be heated. Thus, to remove a specific spot in a tattoo, the beam will be directed on that exact spot and the damage done on that region and in the surrounding tissues will be dependent on the applied pulse.

laser tattoo removal

  • Specific wavelengths are used: You have to understand that the laser beam which gets applied will consist of only monochromatic lights and as a result it will be effective on only specific colours. Hence, using the correct wavelength in the laser beam is essential. For instance, a green laser beam will be most effective on red pigments because green lights are easily absorbed in red chromophores. So it is important to find out which wavelength is required to remove the colours of your particular tattoo.


  • It is because of these scientific methods, laser tattoo removal is a safe and secure procedure. You can now get laser tattoo removal in Delhi To know what the tattoo removal cost in Delhi, you must visit a clinic today.

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