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Pigmentation is typically a condition when the skin becomes patchy with the  appearance of dark areas on skin which happens due to an abnormal increase of melanin. This can be commonly due to aging or hormonal imbalance or because of over-exposure to sun, apart from several other reasons.


How can skin pigmentation be treated?

To deal with dark patches, laser is used for skin pigmentation . It helps in eliminating severe problems more easily, as other forms of treatment cannot lighten or remove dark patches caused by pigmentation.

Does this treatment involve any discomfort or pain?

Given the effectiveness of the pigmentation treatment in Delhi, patients are often led to believe that the treatment may be painful, when it is actually not. However, you may feel slight issues on the area of treatment, but that feeling is temporary.

How many sittings would I need?

Three sittings are enough to remove shallow pigments. Deep entrenched pigments will require more sessions depending on the layers of skin the pigments penetrate.

Do I have to follow a special routine to take care of my skin post-treatment?

You must ensure not to expose the skin after treatment to stress. We would prescribe antibiotics to keep at bay any infections, for proper recovery.


The Consultation

We take a friendly and sympathetic approach and try to  provide our customers with information that will help them to get a detailed view about the laser treatment. You can raise your queries related to treatment for pigmentation in Delhi right away without any hesitation and our consultants will answer all the questions to your complete satisfaction.

We will suggest a treatment plan understanding your requirements and also inform you about the aftercare needed. Only after you feel comfortable and ready to go, we take you to the next step, which is the skin test. You can go for this test immediately after the consultation.

Our pigmentation treatment has been carefully examined by top level experts and satisfies international standards. Since, our customers’ needs are varied we have the best products and techniques together with world class specialists to implement the treatments. Our facilities are at par with the world standards.

The Treatment

Skin pigmentation treatment in Delhi involves advanced technology that is widely considered as superior over other techniques and allows easy management of pigmented wounds. A special type of gentle laser light is used to fade the dark patches. Finally, a light of longer wavelength is applied to erase the pigmentation completely.


Our laser treatment for skin pigmentation can deal with freckles, age spots, brown spots and patches, birth marks quite effectively. We use a very potent laser which gives out a very gentle light of short pulses that affects the pigmented aberration and impacts the dermis and the epidermis bringing down the visible redness.

The Cost

Skin pigmentation hinders your real beauty and deprives you from looking your best. Undoubtedly, every individual must look their best and that is why we believe in providing specific pigmentation treatment in Delhi to our customers.

The cost of pigmentation removal in Delhi differs on case to case basis. While money is an important consideration, we suggest you to take our consultation. We can assure you will find the benefits outweigh the cost.


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