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Laser Tattoo Removal

Do you have a tattoo that you don’t want any more? If your answer is in the affirmative, then we can say you are not alone.

People often want to get rid of their tattoos which they once cherished. Sometimes, the reason could be a lost friendship or a failed love affair, or a tattoo that was the result of a wrong decision.

laser tattoo removal

Whatever may be your reason, you can now get rid of your tattoo permanently with laser tattoo removal. We have state-of-the-art infrastructure for best tattoo removal in Delhi. Our Clinic provides highly advanced technology and removal methods that are well-tested and accepted worldwide and has rate of success.

All our procedures are conducted in safe, clean and sterile environment.

Laser Tattoo Removal in Delhi

How it works?

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Laser tattoo removal is done by successful implementation of selective photothermolysis (SPTL). Laser beams disintegrate the tattoo ink particles and are gradually absorbed by the body and removed through body’s natural elimination process. The breakdown of the ink particles occurs when laser lights with a wavelength that falls within the absorption spectrum of the ink pigments are targeted.

The ink particles absorb energy from the laser beams within nanoseconds. The temperature of the ink particles rise to thousands of degrees, but this does not affect the skin tissues as this absorbed energy instantly transforms to a Shockwave. This Shockwave causes the brittle ink pigments to fragment.

Can all tattoos be removed easily?

laser tattoo removal in delhi

While dark ink pigments such as deeper blues and blacks can be dealt with easily, lighter colors like fluorescent, yellows and greens are more stubborn. Also pastel hues with high titanium dioxide content are difficult to remove.

What is necessary for the success of laser tattoo removal?

The color of the laser beam should get into the skin to sufficient depths where it can target the tattoo pigment. It should be ensured that the right colored laser light is used so that the greater absorption is by the tattoo pigment than the surrounding skin.

The application of laser beams should be for a miniscule period so that the heat doesn’t get spread to the adjacent area, but the tattoo pigment gets heated to the desired temperature.

Enough energy should be transferred in each application so that the pigment can get fragmented.  Insufficient energy will not break down the pigment and the removal will not happen.

How many sittings are required?

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Complete tattoo removal will require several sessions which are spaced at least four weeks. It is not possible to fragment all the ink particles in one session and the body also takes weeks to eliminate the fragmented pigments. The larger pigments are then targeted in the subsequent sittings. The tattoo doesn’t disappear all of a sudden, but fades through the sessions.The number of sittings depends on the area of treatment, color of the skin and many more factors.

Our Advice

Once you walk into our clinic, our trained consultant will examine your tattoo and other important factors and provide you with the right treatment plan. If you have any queries, you can direct pop-up the question.We are concerned about the well being of our patients, and therefore make sure that they are in the proper condition to receive the treatment through proper checkups and tests.

Cost of laser tattoo removal in Delhi

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Cost of tattoo removal depends on the number of sittings and the expertise required to remove the tattoo. Since, no two tattoos are similar, we can suggest you a quote only after proper examination of your body tattoo.

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